Merry Lousy Christmas! 

Hey thank all of you lousy bastards for your contributions, one of these days we are going to give up but until then we will keep making the lousiest music we can into the new year 2018.  

God bless you all

New Year’s Resolutions – A Public Service Announcement 

New Year’s Resolutions – A Public Service Announcement

Almost everyone makes some kind of New Year’s resolutions, an annual set of lies, either directly or subconsciously.  As a public service we will remind you not to feel bad when whatever it is you promised yourself or others falls by the wayside.  If you’re young you may have a real chance to make some changes.  But if you’re over 40 you are most likely set in your ways. You are not going to exercise regularly.  Maybe for awhile, a month or two?  Not…

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